SCCM Client Log Collection added to Tech Preview 1912

Client Log Collection
You can now trigger a client device to upload its client logs to the site server by sending a client notification action from the Configuration Manager console.

Permissions for client log collection
To collect client logs, your administrative user needs:

Notify resource permission on the Collection
The Full Administrator and Operations Administrator built-in roles have this permission by default.
Log files

Collect client logs
In the Assets and Compliance workspace, go to either the Devices or Device Collections node.

Right-click on a device, or a device collection.

Select Client Diagnostics, then select Collect Client Logs.

Collect client logs from the console

A client notification message is sent to the selected clients to gather the CCM logs. The logs are returned using software inventory file collection. You can also select Collect Client Logs under Client Diagnostics from either the Device Collections or Devices node using the ribbon.

View client logs
From the Devices node, right-click on the device you want to view logs for.
Select Start, then Resource Explorer.
From Resource Explorer, click on Diagnostic Files.
In the Diagnostic Files list, you can see the collection date for the files. The name format of the client logs is
Right-click on the zip file and select one of the following options:
Open Support Center: Launches Support Center.
Copy: Copies the row information from Resource Explorer.
View file: Opens the folder where the zip file is located with File Explorer.
Save: Opens a Save File dialog for the selected file.
Export: Saves the Resource Explorer columns shown in Diagnostic Files.
Refresh: Refreshes the file list.
Properties: Returns the properties on the selected file.
Review and save client logs from Resource Explorer

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