Why the Cloud?

A decision that I have been seeing more and more recently is companies taking their entire infrastructure into the cloud.  Personally, I see this as a recipe for disaster!

Companies set up so that their entire infrastructure is cloud based but they only purchase a single cirquit to the net.  What happens if/when that cirquit fails?  I’ll tell you what!  You have an entire company that is sitting around playing solitaire because all their files are internet based.  The networking team is scrambling around because the network is down but there is not a whole lot that can be done if the link was cut by a backhoe operator who misread the plans about where he was supposed to start digging.  Don’t laugh, it happens.

My solution to this is using a hybrid configuration.  Have 1/3 or so of your processing power and the majority of your file servers on premise.  Use Onedrive or whatever your file storage solution of choice is strictly as a backup.  This way if you are down you can still work from the local storage and then backup to onedrive when the link is restored.


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