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Beginning my quest for VCDX-DCV

for years now I have debated on MCSE vs VCDX.  with the recent switch by MS away from the tried and true MCSE to the app based certification I have finally made up my mind.  VMware has been a company that has remained the same for many years now.  always having the VCP, VCAP and then the VCDX.  VCDX has always meant that you have reached the pinnacle of your art and achieved a certification to prove it.  I have decided that I want to achieve that cert. I have been using VMWare for many years now and have always felt it was a very mature product.  Something that MS has always wanted to achieve with its Hyper-V offering.  However MS always seems to fall just short of the mark and then they change the entire infrastructure of things and try and force the industry to comply.  I am quite tired of that attitude so have thrown in my hat to supporting the real standard of virtualization, VMWare.

I have signed up to take the obligatory ICM class (Install/Configure/Manage) and will be taking that beginning next week.  then I begin my cert journey towards VCP-DCV (data center virtualization) and VCAP-DCV  then to pick up a project that is VCDX worthy and begin my design docs for that project.

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