VRops deployed

I built out (with assistance) a new VRealize Operations Manager cluster. It is a pretty slick piece of software. when deployed with VRealize log viewer, it gives you insight into your entire environment. I have deployed it onto both Windows and Linux VM’s and it is just chugging along gathering every piece of information an admin could possibly want. Log viewer works as a syslog collector as well as an event viewer gathering point. All in all an amazing piece of kit to deploy in a medium to large sized VMware deployment.


Hyper Converged Panda

I have written about my desire for a VCDX in the past. I have found something that will assist me with that. I have foudn that I have access to cheap Colo at the UC Super Computer Center. This means that I can set up a proper lab and RDP into it. so my plans are the following

  1. pick up a Cheap C7000 enclosure and blades
  2. Install ESX on all of the blades
  3. build a SAN (or pick up a cheap san)
  4. build out my lab in that locale
  5. get mini rack out of my office.

I can do multiple things on this infrastructure. build my SCCM test lab. build a minecraft farm for Oliver to play in and maybe run as a fun project, build my ESX and VSAN lab.

My ideal situation would be to get my lab into a strong enough configuration that I can use it as my VCDX project for presentation.

I will update this post with a rack design and visio when I get the chance.