VCA-DCV class completed

I just finished the class portion of the VCA-DCV  (VMWare Certified Associate-Data Center Virtualization).  The class is better than others I have attended online but it is still painfully dull.  

I did in fact learn about a cool piece of tech that is part of the VMWare suite.  VSA, or Virtual Storage appliance.  This is a set of tools that allows you to share non networked storage as if it were network attached.  This allow you to set up things like VMotion and HA.  I may have to try this in my lab.  (Or I could just get an actual NAS switch for my filer)  Anyways, I think one or 2 more times through the class lessons will be enough to make me ready for the test.  I am also going through the VCA-Cloud lessons.  I figure since the tests are half price right now I should take advantage and sit them both.